Meet the founder

Dan Chalke

‘Hi, my name is Dan. I started People because I know that together we have what it takes to help entire communities combat poverty. What task is so hard or obstacle so great that together we cannot overcome it? When I think about the potential that together we share, I get excited. And so I invite you to join us. Work with us and support us. Together we will change lives and transform communities.’

Overwhelmed and inspired

'When I first visited Gituamba, in Kenya, I was utterly overwhelmed by the need. I realised that in order to work with the local people to build the opportunities needed to combat poverty it would require a holistic response: better education and health care, job opportunities and clean water. Far from being inspired to help the people living there I was deflated, demoralised, beaten. I remember asking ‘What can we possibly do to support these people? There are too many battles to be fought, too many injustices and broken systems.’

But then came the answer; I didn’t know anything about education, but I knew people who did. Nor did I know much about nutrition, but again, I knew someone who could help. And so it was that People was born. It is through working together and through contributing what only we can that we’ll help communities like Gituamba permanently eradicate poverty.’

Before starting People, Dan worked for a number of charities as a marketing consultant. Dan is married to Ruth; they live in Central London with their two boys, Reuben and Ari, and enjoy spending time with their friends, cycling and camping.