Cotton Tree

Did you know?

  • There are roughly 15,000 people living in Cotton Tree and as many as 1,500 rough-sleeping children
  • During the civil wars, Cotton Tree became a strategic stronghold. As a result, the community suffered greatly
  • The majority of schools were destroyed during the wars and an entire generation were denied an education
  • Cotton Tree is beside Firestone, the world's largest rubber plantation

Building a concrete foundation

Cotton Tree is a community of stubborn hope. Despite the devastation of the civil wars (1988-2002) and more recently the outbreak of Ebola (2014-15), the local people are committed to pursuing a better future; a future of peace and prosperity.

We were introduced to Pastor Kathy Charlie who has served her community for many years. With just $25 LD (20p) she began teaching local children. The community have supported Pastor Charlie to expand her work. The school, The Concrete Foundation, now accommodates 170 students, many of whom are on scholarships directly supported by Pastor Charlie.

Pastor Charlie’s vision has long outgrown the current facilities. We have joined with Pastor Charlie to develop a new school building that will accommodate many more young people and empower the community. The new school building will provide a facility for adult learning, community events and toilets. We will continue to work with community elders to identify and respond to opportunities to invest in their community.