A letter to BlueCoat School.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

BlueCoat is committed to providing exceptional education and has been working to help children in Liberia receive the same. Students, staff and parents have come together to raise £3,952 for the Concrete Foundation School in Cotton Tree, Liberia, helping to ensure that children have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

They have beenhelping to improve school facilities and equip and train teachers. In a country where 62% of students never attend school and just 40% of teachers are fully trained, this is vital work. Together we are making a di erence and have already helped to provide temporary classrooms so that more students can gain access to learning. We have heard that the community in Cotton Tree is overjoyed and humbled that BlueCoat School in Coventry recognise them and are working to raise awareness and funding to transform their school.


Highlights so far

BlueCoat's Christmas Jumper, non-uniform, day was a huge success that everyone enjoyed. There were creative, stylish and downright bad taste Christmas jumpers on show but they all contributed to raise £2,200. An amazing result and a great team effort by everyone at BlueCoat.

The Basketball teams at BlueCoat were involved in a shoot-a- thon fundraiser. 30 players each had 100 attempts to shoot as many baskets as possible. It was an opportunity for the players to improve their skills whilst making a di erence in the lives of children less fortunate than themselves. They competed for the best basket completion states and most money raised. Together they raised £130. Well done.

The Music & Magic evening was a night to remember; showcasing the talents of BlueCoat’s very own Gospel Choir, Jazz Band and Magic Circle Magician. Performers had people laughing, applauding and dancing in all the right places. The help and support from the Theatre Department in hosting the show was fantastic and displayed the team e ort that goes into everything at BlueCoat and helped to raise £1,622. 

In the same way that BlueCoat has worked together to support this project, it takes a whole community working together to educate a student: parents, carers, teachers and sta , neighbours and friends. As the African saying goes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’

We look forward to continuing to work together and support the school in Cotton Tree and, in doing so, providing BlueCoat students with opportunities to learn about making a positive impact in the world around them.