Hygiene sensitisation

Monday, February 20, 2017

In collaboration with our local partner, we recently began a Sanitation and Hygiene programme in Cotton Tree, Liberia. The programme is designed to promote better hygiene standards and tackle communicable diseases. Preventable illness always comes at a cost but for a community struggling to combat poverty, it is often one challenge too many. Without access to affordable healthcare, infant mortality is inexcusably high and productivity is badly affected.

Our team completed an audit of 80 homes, here's what they found

  • Number of homes with a latrine: 10
  • Number of health clinics in the community: 0 
  • Number of drug stores: 2
  • Number of working water hand pumps: 1
  • Number of wells: 3  
  • Number of clean wells: 1
  • Number of community toilet/latrines: 0
  • Number of opened dump sites: 3
  • Organisation promoting hygiene in the community: 0

There is a significant and urgent need to respond to these challenges in Cotton Tree. In addition to poor water and sanitation, the team also identified contributing factors that encourage the breeding and spreading of bacteria and disease. They found ideal conditions for rats, mosquitos and insects, very poor excreta and a general lack of good hygiene knowledge.

Our team empowered teachers and community leaders to completed 75 door-to-door hygiene talks covering four topics:

  1. How cleanliness, or the lack of it, affects everyone
  2. The importance of washing hands before and after eating
  3. The importance of keeping outdoor spaces clean
  4. Proper waste management and disposal

The team will now turn their attention to:

  • Preparing an area for the safe disposal of waste. Community leaders have identified an appropriate area of land and given it to People
  • Clearing grass from around the wells. Damp grass is a perfect breeding ground for many bacteria-carrying insects
  • Sensitisation on safe Excreta disposal

We require funds to build pit latrines and purchase equipment that will allow us to clean outdoor spaces. If you can support this work, please consider making a donation.

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