Our mission

Empowering communities

Our mission is clear: to empower communities. We work in communities and, together with local people, develop a variety of programmes depending on the need. So, if it’s better education that’s needed, we work to deliver better education and if it’s access to clean water that is require, that’s what we provide.

Don’t underestimate the difference that your involvement will make.

Extreme poverty is the coalescence of many broken systems. It cannot be fixed with a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we’re called People, because the solution requires each of us to use what we have – to work together.

We already have all the required skills and resources to support communities overcome their challenges and create better futures for their people. But it is only by working together that we will make those much-needed changes.

In order to find a lasting solution to the causes and effects of poverty, we need to respond holistically. That means providing water, healthcare, financial loans, business strategies, education and jobs. There's a bespoke job for us each to play; we need printed materials and websites, marketing experts, organisers, administrators and designers, we need fundraisers and finance, IT support and educationalists, plumbers and carpenters.

Above all we need people who are willing to use what they have to make a difference. This is what makes us People.