Corporate Social Responsibility

Stand out. Be who only you can.

Invest in your neighbourhood and attract new business.

Give back and increase retention.

Look beyond and engage your people.

Innovate and stand out.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is concerned with the social and environmental impact of your business and the wellbeing of all its stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, owners and your neighbourhood. Therefore, CSR can enhance your brand, reputation, employee morale and profitability. In fact, CSR is crucial to the success of all businesses and can help develop your brand into one that is loved.

Rather than an external exercise, effective CSR is imbedded within and asks the question; ‘how can we work smarter, more efficiently, more generously and more responsibly?’

Ultimately, CSR helps you to become more efficient through increasing your engagement with stakeholders and reducing any negative impacts on the environment around you.

Why CSR?

CSR benefits everyone and by taking your social and environmental responsibilities seriously, you will enhance your business, enrich your people and benefit the environment.



All businesses exist to serve a social goal; either developing and providing a service, or completing enough business to sustain lifestyle choices. They are never started to keep employees locked down from 8am-8pm or to have a detrimental effect on the world around them. Businesses that stay true to their social cause are the most successful and rewarding places to work.

CSR is a business function and, therefore, must always benefit your objectives. It can do this through increasing efficiency and retention, improving acquisitions and reducing overheads and risk.



Businesses depend on their people, particularly their staff and customers. The more a business can enrich its people, the more efficient it can become. This is where we need to remind ourselves that we are all a complex psychological, physical and social, intellectual, spiritual and professional mix. Too often businesses are only concerned with financial rewards, which are at best a means to an end. CSR can help your business think through the requirements of your people, who in turn benefit your business.



Finally, we all share a responsibility for the environment. Many businesses show little regard for the impact of their practice on either the local or global environment. In recent years, this has become a significant and much publicised issues. Businesses that can adapt their practice to improve their impact on the environment inherit less risk and become a far more appealing proposition to stakeholders.

What we do

We specialise in building synergetic partnerships between businesses and NGOs. Our programmes are designed to engage your team and make use of available skills and resources to support charitable or philanthropic goals whilst simultaneously developing your brand and serving your business objectives. Partnerships are built around shared values and mutual interest areas; either geographical or topical.

We can manage the partnership on your behalf, providing impact reports and any other information or opportunities identified.

This is your opportunity to wield the strength of your business to change the world.

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