#1hr to change the world

If you could change the world in just 1hr, would you? By supporting our scholarship programme and helping to provide a young person with the opportunity to go to school, that’s exactly what you would be doing.

Use the calculator below to see how much you earn per hour and how that amount could change the world for a young person in our scholarship programme.

The 1hr salary calculator

Use the calculator below to work out your salary and then donate your hourly rate


We need just £0 per month to help another young person get to school


Regular monthly donations

By donating one hour each month you can make a huge contribution to a young person’s future and help to sustain our scholarship programme.

Single donations

One hour to change the world. It may not seem like much to you but it changes everything for the young people that we work with.

Thank you

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Are you part of a team?

By working with your family, friends and/or colleagues you can have a much bigger impact and we’ll send you regular updates on your joint achievements.

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Help spread the word

If you like our 1hr campaign and want to help provide opportunities for more children to go to school, get noisy.

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If you would like any more information or would like to speak to someone, please get in touch.

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